Parish Leadership

At Holy Spirit, almost one hundred people are involved in the process of stewarding and shepherding the Catholics of Southwest Dallas County. The Church Universal is composed of local churches, which we call dioceses, each shepherded by a servant leader called a bishop. As each diocese is connected to the universal church through the ministry of unity provided by the Holy Father in Rome, each parish within the diocese is connected to the broader church through the unity provided by our bishop-shepherd.

The pastor is a priest called to service by the Church through the recognition of his election by the Lord to serve in the ministerial priesthood, and by particular skills which the servant-leaders of the diocese discern will be of service to a local parish community. The priest is called to unite the aspirations and mission of the broader church which sends him to minister in a local community with the particular dreams, aspirations and character of the local community in which he ministers.

For that reason, the pastor, who is the responsible decision-making agent, relies on the input of several members of that parish community to best discern how to apply the universal mission of the church in a particular, geographical setting.

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